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"I started my goalie career with Chris 8 years ago, and I can say without a doubt I would not be the goalie I am today without him. Through individual training and the Next Save Lacrosse clinics, I developed the fundamental skills that impacted my career and have contributed to my success. Chris has been a mentor for me and has shaped my play in the cage to make me the best player I could be. As a result, I reached my goal of playing Division 1 lacrosse and I can thank him for that!" - Shea Dolce, Boston College '26

"Chris has shaped me into the goalie I am today. I leave every training session feeling sharper and more confident in net. He focuses on every aspect of being a goalie from footwork and hand-eye coordination, to the mental toughness required for success." - Amelia Hughes, Princeton '26

"I've worked with Chris and Next Save Lacrosse since I was 10 years old. Chris has been an amazing mentor and really helped me develop as a lacrosse goalie. Every day that I had training with Chris, I looked forward to it, not only because he is a great coach, but because he's an even better person. Every session with Chris was always enjoyable. I received All-American my senior year of high school, and am now playing at the collegiate level, and I attribute a lot of my success to Chris." - Andrew Minard, Ithaca College '26

"Whether it be the basic or more advanced skills, Chris is an amazing educator and instructor of the goalie position. From 5th grade to senior year in high school, Chris has improved my reaction time, stick skills, and mental capacity as a goalie. I will be forever grateful in all he has done to help me achieve my dreams of playing Division 1 lacrosse." - Rebecca Arpano, Greenwich Academy '23 (committed to Harvard)

"Working with Chris has made me the player I am today. The improvement I have seen since working with him, whether it be hand-eye coordination, my footwork, and overall awareness in and out of the cage can be credited to him. I am so thankful that I have been able to work with him since the fifth grade and I wouldn't be where I am today without his constant support and coaching." - Hope Schoudel, Darien High School '24 (committed to Duke)

"My son has worked with Chris for 4 years now. Not only has Chris helped him with his net presence, the micro things that Chris teaches has made a huge impact on his game. Chris has done a great job building his confidence. I can say hands down that Chris has been the biggest influence as an instructor/mentor on my son's goalie career." - Goalie Parent

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